How it works
The DRS 2006 Radio Streamer makes it so easy to setup your own radio station. To get streaming you basically just need two things:

A streaming server, such as we offer here at the DRS 2006 Radio Streamer
A PC or notebook with software capable of streaming your audio to our servers via the Internet
Streaming with the DRS 2006 Radio Streamer
Streaming Servers
Our streaming servers are installed, in large data centers, around the world with high bandwidth connections to the internet. To serve thousands of listeners, you need huge bandwidth, and dedicated traffic so no stream will be interrupted. Without dedicated hardware that routes traffic to maximize throughput, the streams would fail or buffer. Our high tech streaming equipment is supervised right at the data centers 24/7, and we are also able to remote control the whole system from DRS 2006 Headquarters. Of course all systems are optimized to take irregular loads, and can handle high bandwidth demands on them, so the uptime is nearly 100%.

We offer two different server technologies, which are used by almost all streams on the Internet:
1) The SHOUTcast™ Server for mp3 streams
2) The Windows Media™ Server for Windows Media streams

Both server types receive your stream and then handle the connections to the listeners. The SHOUTcast Server does this with the well known mp3 format and the Windows Media Server does it with the wma format. Most of our clients prefer the SHOUTcast Server. This Server type is very robust and it supports many different player types. Mp3 streams cannot only be received by PCs and notebooks, they can also be heard on most smart phones, and internet radios (hardware). There are also a lot of possibilities to integrate the stream on your website. You can embed interactive flash content, or links to the listeners preferred player, such as, Winamp™, iTunes™, Windows Media Player™, or Real Player™. MP3 streams are simply the no. 1 technology.

For SHOUTcast Servers, we also offer a "Server Control Panel". If you are a customer, then we will send you a password, which when used will log you in to the server administration section. Here, you can change several settings of the server. You can also start and stop the server anytime you want to. If the "public" flag is set, then your radio station will automatically be listed at

Some customers prefer the Windows Media Server. Our opinion is that it may sound better at lower bitrates. However, it does not support as many players as the mp3 stream of the SHOUTcast Server. There are also no settings which can be changed, so there is no "Server Control Panel" available. However many clients have both server types to offer all common audio streams to their listeners.

Above you will find four Demo Streams you can check out. When clicking left on the links your standard mp3 player should open and play the stream. For example Winamp, VLC, or iTunes. When you click on one of the right hand icons, your standard wma player should open and play the stream. This is normally the Windows Media Player.

Your PC or Notebook with Streaming Software

First of all you will need a stable internet connection to stream to our servers. The bitrate you can upstream depends on the quality of your internet connection. With a low dial up connection you of course cannot stream at high bitrate. If you are not sure what your upstream is, we invite you to test our servers on the homepage. Simply request a password which can be used with your encoder software.

You have several opportunities to stream your audio to us. There is free software available which can do the job, like Winamp, in combination with a DSP plugin for SHOUTcast servers. This technology is very basic and does not have many functions. It very simply broadcasts what you play in Winamp and through your sound card. On our 'Get started' site, you will find a section where we explain how to setup Winamp so it can stream your content to our servers. You will also find download links to enable you to do this there.

For Windows Media Servers, you can use the Windows Media Encoder, or Microsoft Expression. This software is very basic, and will only stream what you play on your PC.

Of course there are also fully-fledged streaming solutions available, like our DRS 2006 radio automation software, which is used by several thousand radio stations around the world. With this full "walk away" automation you can setup several streams in all formats which can all stream at the same time. But the main difference is that you will simply sound professional and not like a CD player. For example you can set cue points and fades which let you sound professional. You can schedule your playlists, or let the DRS 2006 chose the music program automatically using rotations. You can also manage adverts, sweepers and much more. With DRS 2006 it is even possible to show live playlists on your website. Please check out our DRS 2006 website and download a demo today.

You should now have a basic idea how streaming works. In our 'Get started' section you will find a lot of information about encoder setups or website integration of your radio streams. If you still have any question, please feel free to contact our Customer Help Desk. We also have a DRS 2006 Community where many Customers from around the world discuss with each other about radio and broadcasting. We would be happy to welcome you there as well.