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Setting up your streaming server is really easy. Order securely over the web by using the PayPal service and your radio station will be online instantly. If you are new at the DRS 2006 Radio Streamer, we also have Special Starter Packages which might be a good choice to start. Otherwise you can order your individual server right here in 6 easy steps:

First you need to select what type of server you want to order. Most people choose the SHOUTcast server which can stream mp3, mp3pro or aac+. If you have no idea which to choose, we highly recommend a SHOUTcast Server. The type of the server has no effect on the final monthly price. Please note that Windows Media is obsolte so we do not offer it anymore.
Choose your server type

First you need to select the maximum bitrate you want to stream with. The bitrate represents the quality of your audio stream. The higher the bitrate is, the better your audio stream will sound. Feel free to test different bitrates on our demo servers to find out which bitrate is right for you. A good average bitrate is 56 kbps while 128 kbps is almost near CD quality.
Maximum bitrate (quality)

Choose the maximum number of listeners you can have connected to your stream at one time. For instance if you sign up for a 25 listener account the 26th listener will be unable to listen to your broadcast. Of course you can add more concurrent listeners anytime when needed. If you need more than 500 concurrent listeners, please contact us. We will be happy to give you a special quote.
Maximum concurrent listeners

The total monthly cost in US$ is calculated automatically with the maximum bitrate (quality) and the maximum concurrent listeners you have set above. These two values directly represent the bandwidth that is needed to get your radio station on the net. This is the final price per month. There are no other hidden fees and all taxes are already included.
Total monthly cost in US$

Here you can leave us an optional message. For example if you already have a server with us and you want to add additional listeners, you can for example write "please add to rs12.radiostreamer:1234". Or if you want to have a special publishing point name when ordering a Windows Media Server you can write "Please setup the Publishing Point Mystation".
Optional Message

Now, you will need to accept our Terms of Service. After checking out, a new secure window will open displaying your order, and the normal PayPal payment procedure will begin. Simply finalize the payment and your order will be processed. We have put together more information about the order process right below. If you have any question, please contact our Customer Help Desk.
I accept the Terms of Service

More Information about the order process
This will happen after you have ordered
As soon as your payment is verified, we will set you up on our servers as fast as possible. We will then email you a location where you can stream 24/7. This location contains a steady IP and a Port together with a password. You simply enter the information in your streaming software and away you go! No adverts, no players with banners. We are simply going to pump your streams into the net. The Email also contains other information like the login to our Server Control Panel and the admin section of the server as well as a link to the free DRS 2006 Radio Streamer Manager which logs the live listener stats of your server.

PayPal Subscriptions
When setting up a new DRS 2006 Radio Streamer Account via this website, you setup a PayPal subscription. This means that you authorize PayPal to pay us monthly for your streaming server. Of course, we have absolutely no access to your PayPal account nor can we charge. You can cancel the subscription anytime through your PayPal account. If your subscription fails for some reason, PayPal will try to process the subscription 2 more times every 3 days. If it fails a 3rd time, PayPal will automatically cancel the subscription. You will receive an email from us and also from PayPal if this happens. Please contact us in time so we can prevent unnecessary downtime of your server.

How to add additional listeners to your existing server
You can add additional listeners anytime to your already existing server. Use the "Optional Message" in the order form to tell us that you want to add the ordered listeners to your existing server by typing for example "Add to rs12.radiostreamer:1234". Please be sure you have selected the same bitrate as you already have. Of course you can also contact our Customer Help Desk anytime if you need any further help with this procedure.

How to cancel your DRS 2006 Radio Streamer Account
To cancel your Radio Streamer Account and Subscription(s), simply login to your PayPal account, click on 'History', search for 'Subscriptions' and you will see 'DRS 2006' - Click on that, and you should see the button to cancel it. Your servers will then be terminated on the due date.

Wire Payment Options
You also have the option to pay your Radio Streamer accounts via wire payment. In this case we will send you an invoice in PDF format via E-mail including our bank account data. We will then setup your server as soon as your payment arrives. Please understand that we can only accept wire payments if you are ordering larger listener amounts or for a longer period. Please contact our Customer Help Desk if you want to pay via wire transfer.